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Provincial Investigative Services is a fully owned and operated Newfoundland & Labrador business entity, incorporated in 1990. In the past 25 years we have completed thousands of investigations province wide, including surveillance for workers compensation claims, personal injury claims, disability claims and internal theft. We also provide certificate of conduct, labour dispute management, security consulting, document service, vehicle repossession, fingerprinting and more.


We are committed to providing our clients with skills, experience and expertise, offering the highest standard of professionalism demanded in the private investigation and security field. For the past 25 years Provincial Investigative services has built a corporate foundation based on our motto "We Get You Results."


All investigations are strictly confidential and performed by investigators who are bonded and licensed by the provincial department of justice. Each investigator is highly skilled, trained and educated in the art of surveillance and investigations.



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  • Certificate of Conduct

    We provide a Certificate of Conduct (Police Clearance) in less than 24 hours for the purpose of employment, VISA applicants, foreign travel and work permits.[...]

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    How it works:

    To obtain a Certificate of Conduct an applicant must apply in person or call our office if you wish to complete form via email. They will need to provide: TWO pieces of identification (one must be a Government photo ID with applicants name, date of birth, signature and photo) as well as another, that has the persons full name.

    Please note: Social Insurance Number (SIN) cards are not acceptable.

    For our corporate clients we provide results via our secure electronic system and can provide monthly invoicing.

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  • Fingerprint Services

    We are an Idemia fingerprint center partner in St. John's. We have trained staff on site to provide electronic live scan fingerprint services to customers. [...]

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    Fingerprints by Appointment ONLY. Book Online or Call!

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    How it works:

    Fingerprints are captured electronically in a friendly, professional environment by one of our certified fingerprint technicians and submitted immediately to the RCMP for processing, through Safran Morpho secure server located in Ottawa, Ontario. Submitting fingerprint records electronically means you can receive criminal history results in days instead of months. If you do have a criminal holding, your application may take in excess of 120 days to process.
    An applicant requesting fingerprints "MUST" provide TWO pieces of identification upon arriving at our office.

    Acceptable ID's include:

    • Primary ID
    • Driver's license
    • Passport
    • Firearms acquisition certificate
    • Military Family ID Card

    • Secondary ID
    • Birth Certificate
    • Hospital Card

    *Social Insurance Numbers are NOT acceptable for ID verification purposes.

    Our firm can provide electronic fingerprints for individuals who require:

    • Record Suspension (Pardon) Applications
    • Adoption (CDN/International)
    • Visas/Foreign Travel/US Waiver
    • Immigration
    • Citizenship
    • Employment

    Applicants who require a FEDERAL CLEARANCE for Government of Canada contract security program please note:

    Your Company Security Officer (CSO)/ Alternate Company Security Officer (ACSO) must provide you with a "Fingerprints Applicant Request Form" stating the Originating Agency Identifier (ORI) number assigned to an agency that has met the criteria for a fingerprint base background check. This form should be brought to our office on the date of your appointment.

    Once we submit your fingerprint application our fingerprint technician will provide you with a 20-digit DCN which is to be brought back to your CSO/ACSO.

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  • Pre Employment Screening

    Both small and large companies have real concerns about the high incidence of fraud, theft, workplace violence and liability/negligence lawsuits occurring in today's society. They are turning to companies such as Provincial Investigative Services to assist them in "screening out" potential employee risks to their company.[...]

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    Reference Information Form

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    Benefits to your company

    Our clients are realizing that the cost of thoroughly investigating a potential employee before hiring can be minimal compared to the expense involved in recruiting, re-hiring and re-training. To protect your company's valued employees/reputation, use our pre-employment screening service to make an informed decision in selecting the best candidate for the job the "first" time.

    Searches include but are not limited to the following:

    • Criminal Record Search
    • Education and Professional Accreditations
    • Employment Verification
    • Reference checks from employers/acquaintances
    • Civil Court Check
    • Denied Persons List Check
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  • Security Services

    We have the expertise to offer you the level of security your business needs, province wide. Our security team can perform a security risk analysis on your business and provide cost effective solutions to prevent loss. With contacts all over Newfoundland and Labrador, We have the ability to provide a level of security anywhere your business is located.[...]

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    Some of our security services include:

    • Uniform security
    • Loss prevention
    • Vehicle patrol
    • Undercover infiltration
    • Labor disputes
    • VIP/Celebrity security
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  • Investigations

    Insurance Investigations, Corporate investigations and general investigations encompass the service we provide to our clients.[...]

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    Insurance Investigations:

    Provincial Investigative Services have completed thousands of investigations for claims managers, adjusters, and legal representatives with local, national, and international insurance companies.

    Some of the services we provide for insurance professionals include but are not limited to:

    • Automobile Insurance investigations (bodily injuries)
    • Life and health disability investigations
    • Interview and field visits
    • Witness locates/skip trace
    • Document service
    • Accident and death claims
    • Statement taking

    Corporate Investigations:

    Provincial Investigative Services provide a wide range of services to the corporate community. Our investigations are conducted thoroughly and confidentially by highly skilled and trained investigators.

    In addition, we have access to experts in DNA and data analysis, accident reconstruction, and more.

    Our services include but are not limited to:

    • Internal fraud & theft
    • Financial investigations
    • Workplace violence and harassment
    • Employee interviews
    • Substance abuse
    • Patent & trademark infringements
    • Due diligence research
    • Disability claims investigation
    • Asset location and recovery
    • High risk termination

    General Investigations:

    Since its inception, Provincial Investigative Services have conducted investigations for a wide array of clientele.

    Some of these investigations include:

    • Property loss
    • Missing persons
    • Asset recovery
    • Background investigations
    • Civil investigations
    • Domestic investigations
    • Trademark infringement
    • Labor dispute management


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Our investigative team are highly trained and skilled in the art of discrete surveillance and do so on a regular basis, investigating fraudulent insurance claims, disability claims, workers compensation claims, and workplace theft, to name a few.